Eduverse shikasha sankalp webinar

Every idea begins with a spark. At Eduverse Summit, that spark was our unshakeable belief in the power of education. We visualized a world where every student, regardless of their background, had equal access to the opportunities they deserved.
This spark grew into a blazing vision, and "Eduverse: Bharat Shiksha Sankalp" was born.

Bharat Shiksha Sankalp, or the "Pledge for Education," is our commitment to breaking down barriers, transforming lives, and bridging the gap between ambition and achievement. Our goal is to make quality education, experiential learning, and global exposure accessible to all students - be it in schools or higher education institutions.

| Webinar Series


Cultivating Social Responsibility:
Incorporating Sustainability in
Indian Education
3 PM – 4 PM IST Zoom Link
Innovative Financing in Education:
Ensuring Quality Education for All
3 PM – 4 PM IST Zoom Link

| Webinar Series



Embracing a Future:
Ready Education System
11 AM – 12 Noon IST Zoom Link
EdTech Revolution in India:
Transforming Learning and Teaching
11 AM – 12 Noon IST
Cultivating Global Leaders:
The Evolving Role of Education
3 PM – 4 PM IST

Our Speakers

Shankar Muralidharan
CEO, ISMR Akademia

Sid Rajhans
Principal Policy Officer,
United Nations, New York

Dr. Mayank Saxena
Pro Vice Chancellor,
Sage University Indore

Dr. Pulkit Khanna, Ph.D.
Dean, Jindal Institute
of Behavioural Sciences ,
O.P. Jindal Global University

Priyank Sharma
Faculty, ITARI
Advisor: CITTA India and CoLab

Saurabh Nanda
Founder, SN Mentoring

Dr. Dipti Tulpule
Sr. Director, ISMR Pune

Saurabh Arora
Founder and CEO, University Living CNBC Young Turk

Dr. Upasana Mahanta

Dean, Admissions and Outreach at O.P. Jindal Global University (JGU)
Professor, Jindal Global Law School

Aishwarya Rai

Tech Evangelist
AI, SaaS, EdTech

Rajeev Chary Tupsakri

MOC Niti Ayog
Founder and Life Coach

Prof. Pankaj Choudhary

National Incharge of Policy and Research (OBC)

Nishant Kumar Srivastava

Advocate on Record (AoR)
Supreme Court of India

Anju Jayraj

Director - Outreach & Marketing
Rishihood University

Nilabh Ranjan

Educational Advisor

Arushi Bakshi

Indian School of Business and Finance
Recognized RTC of the London School of Economics

Prof. (Dr.) Jyoti M. Pathania

Professor of International Relations, Jindal School of International Affairs (JSIA)
OP Jindal Global University

Niraj Harlalka

Co-Founder and CEO
Eduberance Education


Through our series of Eduverse: Bharat Shiksha Sankalp webinars,
We aspire to create a harmonious confluence of academia, industry, and students. This is not just a platform for learning but a thriving community of learners, educators, and thought leaders sharing insights, exchanging ideas, and inspiring one another.

We begin our journey with humble origins. We remember the gleaming eyes of students during workshops. Bright, keen, yet unaware of the multitude of opportunities that lay ahead of them. We witness their thirst for learning, their need for guidance, and the potential that is ripe for shaping. With Eduverse: Bharat Shiksha Sankalp, we aim to quench this thirst, to guide these seeking minds, and to shape this boundless potential.


Eduverse: Bharat Shiksha Sankalp is more than just a series of webinars. It is a movement. A movement that seeks to transform the way we perceive education, to revolutionize the way we learn, and most importantly, to ensure that every student gets the opportunity they deserve.


At Eduverse Summit, we believe in the power of dreams, the strength of determination, and the promise of education. Through Eduverse: Bharat Shiksha Sankalp, we pledge to stand by every student as they embark on their educational journey, to guide them, to inspire them, and to help them realize their dreams.

This is our Sankalp , our pledge.
A pledge to make education a beacon of hope, an instrument of change, and a pathway to a better future.


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Looking forward to collaborating for a transformative global educational experience at Eduverse Summit 2024.