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Exploring Nigerian higher education market: Opportunities at Eduverse Summit 2024, Nigeria, Lagos

Nigeria and the broader African region are slowly and steadily emerging as a hotbed for higher education. According to the 2023 Campus France report, the number of African students studying abroad reached a record-breaking high of over 624,271 in the year 2020, marking a 41% increase from 441,438 in 2010. 


According to the Nigeria Market Sentiments and Study Motivations Report 2022, nine out of ten students in Nigeria opt to study abroad for enhanced learning and career opportunities. Furthermore, according to an annual survey conducted by BrandMapp, approximately 85% of middle-class South African students (over 1.2 million) aspire for overseas education.

These studies reaffirm the fact that African students contribute considerably to the higher education market, and this is poised to grow even further.  

Consequently, to address higher education challenges and harness opportunities in Nigeria and across Africa, Eduverse Summit 2024 is being organized in Lagos on February 15, 2024. This education event in Nigeria is a groundbreaking initiative in the realm of global education to foster collaboration, innovation, and growth by involving various stakeholders in international higher education.

Eduverse Summit 2024 – Nigeria marks the inaugural edition of the Eduverse Summit series. These summits will be convened in different countries, one after the other, to ignite debate around the pressing issues about regional and global higher education. Powered by M Square Media (MSM) Group – a prominent leader in the international education realm – Eduverse Summit 2024 – Nigeria will rake in discussion on the state of higher education in Africa, the opportunities, and outline future domain trends. 

While the Eduverse Summit 2024 global series will kickstart from Nigeria (Lagos) in February 2024, it will move to Brazil (São Paulo) in March 2024. This effervescent summit will reach Canada (Vancouver ) in June 2024, followed by a 3-day congregation in India (New Delhi) in August 2024. 

Let’s delve deeper to understand how the groundbreaking educational event in Nigeria aims to explore the Nigerian higher education market. 


Nigeria – An emerging market for international students


By 2050, Nigeria is projected to become the world’s third-largest country in terms of population. With the growing population and the number of students aspiring to study overseas, Nigeria is indeed an emerging market for students aspiring to study abroad.

Here are some critical insights on the Nigerian study-abroad market that inspired Eduverse Summit 2024 – Nigeria, Lagos.

1. The UK stands as the most preferred destination

According to the UK’s Higher Education Statistics Agency’s survey in 2021:

          a. Number of Nigerian students hosted by the different countries during the academic session 2021- 2022 is present in the following table.

Country Number of Nigerian students
UK 65,929 
USA  14,438
Canada 13,745
Malaysia 13,000
United Arab Emirates 1,755
Hungary 970


            b. The number of Nigerian students studying in the UK rose from 13,020 in the academic session 2019 – 2020 to 21,305 by the 2020-2021 session, indicating a whopping 64% rise.


2. Nigerian students spend significantly on studying abroad

According to a report entailing CBN data, published in 2021, Nigerians spent approximately USD 60,202,730 on foreign education in January 2022, while approximately USD 69.9 million was spent in February 2022.


3. Incredible scholarship opportunities 

As claimed by ICEF Monitor, approximately 50,000 scholarships a year are available for Nigerian students wanting to study abroad.


4. Nigeria, Cameroon, and Zimbabwe top in outbound student numbers

According to the Campus France report published in December 2022:

  1. With regards to African countries, Nigeria is the primary sender of students to other countries (72,000), followed by Sub-Saharan African countries such as Cameroon (27,000), and Zimbabwe (19,000).
  2. The UK is the most favored study-abroad destination by Nigerian students, followed by the USA, Canada, and Malaysia.  For Cameroonian students, France and Germany are top choices, while Zimbabwean students tend to prefer South Africa over other countries.
  3. Ghana is experiencing a surge in its outbound student numbers, with a significant 62% increase since 2011, while Cote d’Ivoire has witnessed a notable 87% rise during the same period.


5.  Top areas of study for Nigerian students 

According to the IIE Open Doors Report 2022, the top areas of study for Nigerian students are as follows:

  1. Engineering
  2. Business & Management
  3. Physical and Life Sciences
  4. Math/Computer Science
  5. Health Professions
  6. Social Sciences

Standout opportunities at Eduverse Summit 2024 – Nigeria, Lagos 

The Eduverse Nigeria 2024 aims to spark educational transformation by collaborating with local African institutions and involving prominent higher-education stakeholders. This education conference in Nigeria, 2024 aims to integrate innovative educational models and technologies, empowering African educators and learners to flourish globally.

 Key topics and issues to be discussed at the educational event in Nigeria:

  • Innovation in Education, EdTech, and Digital Learning
  • Global Partnerships and International Competitiveness
  • Education Policy and Reforms
  • Education Investment and Industry Engagement
  • Sustainability in Internationalization
  • Ethical Recruitment
  • Evolution and Trends in Skilling and Industry-Academia Collaborations
  • Challenges, Opportunities, and the Way Forward in Global Education


What Eduverse Summit 2024 – Nigeria, Lagos offers

Here’s what this transformative education event in Nigeria has lined up for its attendees:

  • Trending insights:  Gain the latest insights in education and explore the future of learning through sessions led by influential speakers.
  • Global networking: Connect with diverse education stakeholders at Eduverse and foster meaningful connections and collaborations, whether you’re an educator, policymaker, or industry professional.
  • Meaningful discussions: Eduverse entails impactful discussions on critical topics such as EdTech, internationalization, policy reforms, and sustainable practices.
  • Inspiration and Action: Beyond discussions, Eduverse Summit 2024 is focused on action, inspiring attendees to turn insights into real-world solutions and projects.


Who should attend Eduverse Summit 2024 – Nigeria, Lagos:

This education conference in Nigeria can be attended by:

  • Global education leaders
  • Higher education institute owners
  • Industry experts and innovators
  • Educators
  • Policymakers
  • Other education stakeholders

Join us to shape the future of global education! At Eduverse Summit 2024 – Nigeria, Lagos, you can join the trailblazing discussions, share your expertise, leverage emerging opportunities, and pave the way for innovation and collaboration with notable stakeholders.

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