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The future of learning is here: Unveiling the Eduverse Summit Canada Agenda

We have witnessed a world where classrooms were only four walls, and learning was through textbooks. But now, with this constantly evolving world, the education industry is changing too. The future of education is now defined through innovation, evolving pedagogy, and reassessment of the main goal of education. To understand this changing landscape of education better, Eduverse upcoming educational event in Canada brings together higher education institute heads, policymakers, innovators, and educators from across the globe.

Eduverse Summit Canada 2024 is a unique opportunity for all education heads to connect, share ideas, and explore the future of learning. In this blog, we will delve into the benefits of attending educational conferences in Canada, explore what makes Eduverse Summit stand out, and the agenda of this Summit.

 Unlock a treasure trove of benefits

The 2024 Eduverse Summit Canada offers an incredible opportunity to advance both, your organization and yourself to the forefront of innovation. You’ll find a multitude of resources here that are intended to:

  •  Improve your skills and stay ahead of the curve: Immerse yourself in sessions presented by prominent academics, business executives, and legislators. Learn vital information about the most recent pedagogical developments, trends, and research that are affecting education today.
  • Build your network and encourage collaboration: Make connections with a global community of educators, EdTech experts, and innovators. Create enduring connections, share ideas, and look into collaboration possibilities to support your organization.
  • Find inspiration and rekindle your passion: Learn from other educators and thought leaders about their creative solutions and motivating success stories. After the Summit, you’ll be inspired and prepared to introduce innovative procedures into your own organization. 

Eduverse Summit Canada Agenda unveiling 

Eduverse Summit Canada 20244 is a three-day congregation scheduled from June 2 to 4. It will be a thought-provoking educational conference full of insightful discussions and worthful networking opportunities. Here is the agenda of the event:

Day 1: Illumination day

The Summit kicks off with a traditional opening prayer by the indigenous community, followed by an opening address by Raghwa Gopal, CEO of MSM, and an opening plenary session. This establishes the event’s tone and emphasizes how crucial diversity and cultural awareness are in education.

Educators can network in a casual setting with other attendees at the welcome drinks reception.

Day 2: Exploration day

  • The second day begins with an inaugural address by Sanjay Laul, Founder of MSM, followed by a speech by the Honorable Kevin Falcon, Leader of the B.C Official Opposition. This establishes the framework for a day of discussion on practice and policy.
  • The Summit will then have informative sessions on closing the gap between practice and policy for sustainable development. For leaders hoping to develop an education system that is ready for the future, the session is essential.
  • Sobhana Jaya-Madhavan, AVP of External Relations at Simon Fraser University, will be leading an experiential session in the afternoon. This session explores the transformative effect of experiential learning for students. Next, to demonstrate how technology may be used to improve learning, Dr. Farhad Dastur will conduct an interactive session on enhancing teaching through virtual and augmented reality.
  • The Hon. Katrina Chen, a member of the British Columbia Legislative Assembly, will deliver a thought-provoking keynote address to wrap up the day. The main theme of Ms. Chen’s speech will be empowering future generations through the integration of high-quality education systems, which is essential for guaranteeing a prosperous society.
  • Two thought-provoking panel discussions will conclude the day. The first will tackle the challenge of the skills gap, exploring strategies for retraining and retaining talent. The second panel will delve into the world of gamification in education, examining its potential from an international education market perspective.
  • A formal networking gala dinner at the end of the day will offer an elegant environment for guests to network, create relationships, and continue the day’s conversations with colleagues.

Day 3: Visionary day

  • Immigrant Networks CEO, Nick Noorani will lead a discussion on leveraging technology to accelerate the transition from school to job. After attending this session, educators will have the resources they need to help their students succeed in their jobs.
  • A panel discussion on “Forging the Future” is scheduled to examine how government, business, and education may work together to promote innovation and sustainability in the classroom. This workshop will provide insightful information for developing a flexible and future-focused educational system.
  • In between the networking breaks, participants can make connections with as many colleagues as possible.
  • The final panel discussion will be technology-driven education in North America. This session, which includes specialists from a variety of backgrounds, will examine the most recent developments in educational technology and how they affect student learning results. 
  • International ICT specialist Dr. Bernard Dumont will then conduct an interactive session on assessing the SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) of integrating AI into education. This session will provide the participants with a framework for assessing how well technology integration is working. 
  • The topic of the Summit’s last plenary will be “Global Education Trends and Future Directions.” This workshop will give participants a road map for navigating the years to come and present a forward-looking viewpoint on the key factors influencing education. 

Eduverse Summit Canada promises to be an engaging and informative upcoming educational conference in Canada in which you can network and connect with education heads around the world. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity for professional and personal development. Register now and reserve your seat!

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