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Education leaders, here’s how to maximize your experience at Eduverse Summit

Eduverse Summit is a transformative three-day summit where thought leaders, innovators, and visionaries from around the world come together to inspire change and revolutionize international education. 

This summit is being organized when education is going through its steepest transition curve. Led by technology, education – at all levels – is available at the click of a button. While this is a great enriching experience, this random access does raise questions about the quality, access, tools, mechanisms, and outcomes. The industry, thus, needs a concrete platform to raise all dialogues, discuss challenges and outline upcoming sector-wide trends.   

The summit will raise all these and other discussion points, such as the rise of EdTech, the state of international education post COVID-19 pandemic, and student mobility, among others. The summit will be attended by 1,200+ delegates and speakers from 21 countries. Education leaders, academic heads, institute leaders, policymakers, education reformers, innovators, and EdTech founders will attend the summit. 

You can register for Eduverse Summit here

After registering, here’s how to maximize your experience at this event: 

  1. Participate in interesting discussions: Eduverse Summit spans across three days, and each day is filled with a series of keynotes, discussions, talks and fireside chats on trending topics. From EdTech to international education – Eduverse Summit will discuss all new-age aspects of education and how they impact the learners and students. You can participate in these sessions, listen to distinguished leaders and interact with fellow participants.
  2. Share, connect, and interact with industry’s best: Meet your peers, speakers, and other industry leaders from 21 countries. Eduverse is a perfect platform to share your views, findings, research and get industry opinion.
  3. Learn the latest in education: Eduverse Summit sits on the intersection of education, technology and innovation. Education leaders can learn about new tools, platforms, and technologies that can enhance teaching, learning, and administrative processes. This would also give them access to new service providers,products, and platforms. 
  4. Professional development: This summit is a great platform to enhance your professional growth. You can gain new skills, know strategies, and perspectives that can help in navigating the challenges and opportunities in the education landscape.
  5. Policy and advocacy: The summit will be attended by Indian policymakers and academic heads. Education leaders can engage in discussions about policies that impact their institutions and collaborate on advocacy initiatives.
  6. Showcasing success: Conferences often provide opportunities for education leaders to share their institution’s successes, innovations, and best practices with a wider audience, gaining recognition and potentially inspiring others.
  7. Collaboration and partnerships: Connecting with representatives from different organizations, institutions, and companies at events such as Eduverse can lead to potential collaboration opportunities. These partnerships that can benefit the education sector.
  8. Motivation and inspiration: Attending industry conferences is an exhilarating experience. Meeting like-minded professionals and hearing success stories rejuvenates leaders.


Bring your peers and friends to Eduverse Summit and maximize your experience with collective learning. 


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